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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

One of our core values—and a key building block of First Majestic’s vision—is to work towards sustainability through exceptional corporate citizenship. We know that operational excellence goes beyond the return to our shareholders; it considers the well-being of our employees and their families, the communities where we work and the impact on our environment while respecting the fundamental human rights, cultures, customs and values of our employees and communities. First Majestic is committed to socially responsible mining: working safely, ethically and with integrity, taking responsibility for our impacts on the environment and the communities where we operate, and contributing to local sustainable development. We recognize that integrating responsible practices into our management systems and standards across the Company is essential to ensure the long-term prosperity of our business.


Community Engagement & Development

First Majestic seeks to develop and maintain inclusive and collaborative relationships with host communities and contribute to quality of life and sustainable development where we operate. We are implementing our Social Management System that addresses key aspects of social performance management and guides our local teams to work to standards aligned with international best practices. Our approach is rooted in constructive dialogue with local and regional partners, and demonstrating transparency regarding our operational plans and activities while respecting the rights, traditions and cultural identity of local communities.

First Majestic aims to proactively support the development needs of local communities and leverage the social and economic benefits that can be generated by our operations and projects.  We work to identify and collaboratively address development opportunities that come together with our business.  We actively engage with our host communities and other stakeholders to ensure that our social investments are aligned with local priorities and contribute to development that meets the needs and expectations of our host communities for present and future generations.  Our local teams work closely with municipal governments, local schools, medical services, local business associations and the agricultural sector on a variety of initiatives in the form of infrastructure projects and educational activities in areas such as water, sanitation, agriculture, youth sports, arts and culture programs, health promotion, environmental management and emergency response.   

Ultimately, First Majestic strives to build and maintain the trust of local communities, respect their rights and interests, and contribute in a net positive manner to socio‐economic well-being. The standards and programs we have developed in our Social Management System provide the basis for measurable and systematic evaluation and improvement of our performance.

Environmental Stewardship

First Majestic’s operations are subject to, and materially conform with, all current environmental laws and regulations in the jurisdictions where we operate.

First Majestic has an Environmental Management System (EMS) that is applied in all operations to standardize tasks and strengthen a culture focused on preventing, minimizing and mitigating environmental impacts. The EMS is based on international standards and best practices and aligns with all requirements for obtaining the Mexican Clean Industry Accreditation  issued by the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) through the Federal Attorney of Environmental Protection ("PROFEPA") in Mexico.  External audits of First Majestic’s EMS are aimed at reviewing the performance of each of its mining operations.  These audits are conducted by PROFEPA-accredited external environmental consultants for evaluating compliance to applicable environmental regulations.

This is part of a strategy for continuous improvement and achieving the Company’s goal of obtaining or renewing the Clean Industry Certificate issued by PROFEPA.  The Clean Industry accreditation was renewed for another two years at Del Toro in 2018, and at San Dimas in 2019.  Other operation sites are working toward certification. 

Health & Safety

First Majestic believes that all our employees and contractors have the right to be safe when at work and is committed to providing the means to achieve a safe and healthy workplace free of accidents and injuries. 

First Majestic’s Occupational Health and Safety Management Policy directs us to identify, understand, eliminate or control any foreseeable hazards in the workplace and to provide ongoing training, equipment and systems to our employees and contractors, as well as procedures and training for emergency preparedness and response.

Our Occupational Health and Safety Management System is applied in all operations to standardize tasks, and strengthen a culture focused on keeping our people safe. Key pillars of our system are Visible Felt Leadership, regulatory compliance and fulfillment of the requirements to obtain the Mexico Safe Company Certification, issued by the Mexican Secretariat of Labour and Social Welfare.  All of our operations have subscribed to the voluntary program and self-audit process.

Employment Practices

Our people are our most valuable asset. Our employees and contractors are the core of our business and we believe in a skilled, committed and empowered workforce to contribute to our success.

Wherever we work, we strive to be an employer of choice. We believe that meaningful and productive work is an essential element in human development; we support our employees and contractors to maintain workplace relationships based on mutual respect, fairness and integrity. Wherever we work, we comply with local employment laws and do not tolerate discrimination in any form. We are committed to fair and equitable employment practices, freedom of association and the right to free collective bargaining, and actively promote equal opportunity throughout our operations, offices and projects.

Recognition for Excellence in CSR

First Majestic is committed to implement sound CSR practices, and to act with transparency within its operations and projects.  In 2019 the La Parrilla Mine was recognized for the eleventh consecutive year, and the San Dimas Mine for the eighth consecutive year, with the prestigious Socially Responsible Business Distinction Award by the Centro Mexicano para la Filantropia (Mexican Centre for Philanthropy). This distinction from within the Mexican community recognizes excellence in environmental and social responsibility and ethical management.